Our products are easy to use and configurable and can be used as a cloud-service or hosted on premise.

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You can use Ola Core to create custom search+chat apps. Contact us to see the demos.

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Searchbot for WordPress

Ola Searchbot plugin for WordPress uses Ola Core to offer smart search and discovery experiences using a chat interface.

Searchbot for WordPress


It takes many different pieces of tech to offer fulfilling search and discovery experiences. We have integrated some of the essential ones, or skills, that now can be used instantly as a cloud service.


Plug and play AI-based capabilities.

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Patterns to enhance the user experience.

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Integrations to help build and govern.

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Skills text descriptions to allow user understand.

Natural language understanding

Understand user intent expressed in natural language (eg, chatbot utterances).

Entity enrichment

Enrich entity information by connecting to open data sources such as Wikidata.

Dialog management

Create both linear and non-linear dialogues with branches using our simple interface.

Question generation

Generate questions from textual data.

Question answering

Answer natural language questions by selecting an answer from unstructured text.

Sentiment analysis

Identify the underlying sentiment in textual data.

Instant answers

Show instant answers such as charts, numbers, entities right in the query suggestions.


Well, for checking spelling mistakes.


Create beautiful, simple, yet powerful visualizations around your data.

Entity extraction

Extract names, dates, locations, titles from textual data.


Skills text descriptions to allow user understand.


Skills text descriptions to allow user understand.


An admin console not just to view metrics but also to tune the performance.

Website crawler

Extract structured data from websites.

Search engine connectors

Connectors for Solr and Elasticsearch.

CMS connectors

Connectors for WordPress and Drupal CMSs.


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Ola Search is proudly created in Singapore by a team motivated to give more people fulfilling search and discovery experiences.