Use existing search engines such as Solr and Elasticsearch

Leverage your taxonomies and other vocabularies

Target top search tasks

Offer rich, personalised search experiences

Manage and tune search relevancy

Scale across many collections


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About Ola Search

The Ola Search project started out at PebbleRoad, an enterprise UX consultancy. It was here we saw firsthand how enterprise search solutions can be greatly improved. We decided to offer value to our clients and help out. Soon we realised that there is much to learn and do with enterprise search, that we started Ola Search the company so that we can focus on making search work.

Our Mission

Search has the potential to solve big problems organisations face today. However, the reality is that search is misunderstood, abused and wasted. We want to see search succeed. We want people to love their search. The first step is to shift the conversation away from technology-first stance to an experience-first one. By getting more people to talk about search experiences, and by giving them simple tools to manage these experiences, we hope to spur excitement and innovation in search. When search reaches its potential, everybody wins. We welcome you to join us in taking this conversation forward.