Why isn’t anyone doing anything to create fulfilling search experiences? We started Ola Search to explore and answer this very question. We are a group of friends who have lived and worked in Singapore but never had a chance to work together.

Ola Search gave us this opportunity. Today, we are a tight knit team specialising in search, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language interfaces.

Our products, the Ola Core and Ola Searchbot for Wordpress is just a first step in answering the question that got us started in the first place.


Maish Nichani

Co-founder, Product Strategy

Viswanath Parameswaran

Co-founder, Business Development

Vinay Malankad

Product Engineer (Front-end, Machine Learning)

Ryan Yacyshyn

Search Relevancy Engineer

Shebin Leo Vincent

Product Engineer (Backend, Natural Language Understanding)


We are looking for Solr/Elastic search engineers and Machine Learning experts

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